Student Attendance

If a student is absent in excess of 25% of the scheduled classroom training time, he or she will be terminated. A full hour of absence is charged to the student when he or she does not attend the full 55 minutes of instruction during a 60-minute period. The student whose enrollment is terminated for violations of the attendance policy may not reenter before the start of the next new class. If the student enters the next new class and completes the scheduled classroom, and in-car phase of instruction within 365 days of the original contract, refunds that were due may be transferred to the new contract.

Student Course Credit

The student may receive credit for previous training if the student reenters and completes the applicable portion of the course within 365 day period, starting from the first scheduled day of class on the original contract. All absences are subject to the attendance policy regardless of whether the student attends make-up lessons. Students may be allowed to complete up to ten hours of classroom make-up work assignments outside of regularly scheduled classroom instruction. Schools shall not initiate nor encourage absences.

Make-up Requirements

Make-up policies shall adhere to the following requirements: For a policy that allows a student to attend a missed lesson on the same date or at a later date at a regularly scheduled class, the class shall be engaged in the same lesson the student missed previously. For a policy that allows a student to perform an individual make-up lesson, a sample of each make-up lesson, clearly labeled as “makeup for the driver education course,” shall be available for review by the Texas Education Agency at the school. Each lesson shall be clearly identified as a make-up lesson and identified as to the units of instruction to be covered. Evidence of make-up completed outside of regularly scheduled classroom instruction shall be placed in the student file. A school may allow a student to attend an alternative class on the same calendar day if the sequence of instruction will be maintained by the identical lesson being offered. The student instruction record shall reflect the time of day the alternative class was attended. A student selecting alternative scheduling shall not be considered absent.

Contract Guidelines

The enrollment of students who do not complete all required instructional hours within the timelines specified in the original student enrollment contract will be terminated. Contractual timelines shall not exceed one year. * A fee of $15.00 per 30 minutes behind-the-wheel session ($30.00 per hour) will be paid by the student in the event the student is absent FOR ANY REASON for a scheduled session unless the student notifies the school twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled session(s). All succeeding scheduled driving sessions following an absence will be canceled. Students may reschedule driving sessions only after payment for a missed session is made.